Oct 09

Interesting alarm clocks

Category: Design,Linux   — Published by tengo on October 9, 2008 at 9:08 am

On a recent magazine photo, an oversized LED alarm clock catched my eye. (you are looking at a photo.) A bit of research online brought me to various images of the clock, but as it seems, all sources originally shipping it had taken it out of their stock.

oversized led alarm clock

While not getting a source for that particular clock, as a side effect, I found quite a few interesting alarm clocks. Bedzine has assembled a good list of products, and puremodern's selection isn't bad as well, same for notcot. In most cases you can find the same stuff on amazon. Or try a search for oversized LED clock there.

Other intersting designs include pixelbreaker's polarclock, the revealing text clock by Christiaan Postma or Will Vanden Vos's Bomba.