Jun 11 2017

Ultimate Apple 30-pin iPhone / iPad dock connector pinout

Tag: Design,product designgoeszen @ 6:26 pm

If you're a maker or hardware tinkerer, you might have come along people building their own audio interfaces, using the iPhone's bottom 30-pin connector, the "dock connector". The thing you usually use to plug your Apple phone in, or onto, something else, like a docking station - only this time you are building the docking […]

Feb 15 2016

Disney's spherical characters

Tag: Design,industrial design,Linux,product designgoeszen @ 8:36 pm

Do you notice the similarities between the above characters? When you see them side by side it's quite obvious: their basic shape is spherical, an orb. Their body is a ball. Just look at Disney's very early rendition of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie. Stemming from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Ub Iwerks designed Mickey's lower […]

Jan 20 2016

Angry tail lamps of the BMW 7 series

Tag: Design,industrial design,Linuxgoeszen @ 11:11 pm

Ever since BMW introduced the new light design for the 7 series limousines in 2010, whenever one of these models is driving in-front of me at night-time, I've got the feeling that I'm looking at something familiar. Yet, it took a while until it finally occurred to me what it was. It looks angry, that […]

Mar 19 2012

The infamous leg lamp

Tag: Design,Linuxtengo @ 1:54 pm

When you've seen A Christmas Carol (1983), that 80s holiday flick, you might remember the infamous "leg lamp". Wheather or not it was a joke of Production Designer Reuben Freed, since then this unique lamp design (a no-brainer if you think about it) has become a classic. The most beatufiful rendition of the idea comes […]

Oct 09 2008

Interesting alarm clocks

Tag: Design,Linuxtengo @ 9:08 am

On a recent magazine photo, an oversized LED alarm clock catched my eye. (you are looking at a photo.) A bit of research online brought me to various images of the clock, but as it seems, all sources originally shipping it had taken it out of their stock. While not getting a source for that […]

Aug 13 2008

Digital stuff on analog display

Tag: Design,Linuxtengo @ 8:03 am

What an interesting idea (via)! Made me think... By the way: as it seems the original idea (including a how to guide) is from here, with the last.fm guys being just early adopters... 😉

Apr 23 2008

Cream of the crop of design firms

Tag: Design,Linuxtengo @ 2:27 pm

There are thousands of designers in the world, and nearly as many companies offering design services. But still, some of these "design shops" stand out. Some do so because of their charismatic founders or leaders, others impress with innovative or groundbraking designs. Time to have a look at the top design firms worldwide, who affect […]

Apr 23 2008

On-The-Edge balcony planter

Tag: Design,Linux,product designtengo @ 1:34 pm

Form follows function was the motto of sculptor Horatio Greenough and has since become the credo of modern design and architecture. Time to apply this rule to planter design. From dutch Home & Garden supplier Feelgood comes a fresh design for your patio and the final answer to most traditional balcony planters. The German designer […]

Apr 23 2008

High heel door stopper

Tag: Design,Linux,product designtengo @ 1:33 pm

Forget about that lame door wedge. A funny new twist on the classic door-stopper idea comes from Fred & Friends, the Cumberland, Rhode Island based manufacturer of "stuff that works and puts a smile on your face". Foot in the door is a doorstopper modeled to look like a high heel stiletto pump. Made of […]

Apr 07 2008

The Kettler garden chair

Tag: Design,Linux,product designtengo @ 10:11 am

Are you into gardening? Have a patio, terrace or a garden with a small pavilion? If so, you surely know Kettler, the German manufacturer of outdoor furniture. If you are invited over to friends, to have a look at their garden, to admire the lawn or for Barbecue - I would place a bet that […]

Mar 29 2008

Where the Aeron chair came from

Tag: Design,Linux,product designtengo @ 11:09 am

Looking at modern office environments today, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is the icon of contemporary business seating and the object of desire for many hipsters of the new media age. Writing this post sitting on an Aeron myself, it's time to have a closer look. The Aeron is the result of a collaboration […]